What SEO does for you

You may have heard a lot about SEO benefiting businesses and that you should start doing it, but exactly what kind of benefits and how? Let us explain to you what SEO is and how and why it will help your business.


What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in a search engine’s search results naturally (“organically” or “algorithmically”). All SEO techniques are a result of the studies on the way search engine identify and return search results.

What SEO aims to achieve is to push the website to a high rank on the results page for the targeted keywords. The higher the ranking of the website is on the search engine results page, the more visible and easier it is for people to find and visit your website. This increased traffic and brand awareness can translate to more sales for your company.


Why should my business utilize SEO services?

Do you know that, on a single day, 59% of all adult Internet users use search engines to search for content, to do shopping, and research? According to a comScore survey, Americans lead the way in the highest number of searches conducted in a month – more than 20.3 billion!

Imagine the number of people you can reach out to if your business has performed some form of optimization to enable your target audience to find you. Not only will you have increased traffic to your website, the fact that your business is listed at the top of the results gives your potential customers additional confidence that your brand is reliable and important.

The more visible your brand is, the easily it gets found by people interested in your product. By directing already interested audience to your website, you are already half way into the journey of retaining them to become loyal fans and converting these leads to sales.

Instead of running ad campaigns that may not convert effectively to sales, search engine optimization is more cost effective compared to ad campaigns.

In addition, you should consider SEO to fortify your market position, in the face of competition from other businesses in your sector which may already be applying SEO techniques to increase their reach. Their effects will eat into your customer base, if you do not step up and defend your space.

We strongly encourage businesses which currently do not employ any SEO techniques to consider implementing an SEO strategy soon.


What can Lightweight SEO do for you?

Executing a comprehensive and effective SEO plan requires SEO professionals who have been there and done that.

Our people at Lightweight SEO are constantly in touch with the latest developments in the SEO world. Having worked with more than 100 businesses and improved their online visibility and reach, they have the necessary experience to assess your unique business needs, are well-positioned to advice you on suitable strategies, and can execute it effectively with results. You can save your time and expertise to work on other important aspects of the business.

We know that the world of search engine changes with every release. Hence we invest time and money to keep up with the latest changes in SEO techniques, to make sure that you receive the best results possible.

By employing simple yet cost effective SEO techniques, your small business can minimize the impact of those heavyweights while holding on to your competitive advantage and target market.

We are happy to talk to you on anything related to your business. Feel free to use the quotation form on the right, or email us at Service@LightweightSEO.com.